Grant Application FAQs

2020 VCTF Grant Application Q&A webinar:  Part One and Part Two

VCTF defines a “new program” as:  A program that has not existed before within the organization; not just that an organization has not applied for CTF funding for this program (in other words, an existing program that is applying for CTF funds for the first time must be demonstrating an enhancement, an expansion in scope or addition of a location).

Example of “open to all:”  If the Girl Scouts applied for a grant, the program would have to be open to all Girl Scouts served by the applying organization; if DREAM is offering a program for a particular affordable housing community, it would have to be open to all students who live in that affordable housing community. 

Application Paperwork:  We know you would like to supply us with materials to justify your grant.  To be fair to all applicants, please limit what you send with your application to precisely what we request in the instructions.

Grant Amounts: Unfortunately VCTF is often in a position of having too little money and too many excellent grant requests that we would like to fund.  We may reduce the amount funded (from the requested amount) and will notify the applicant of the amount available.  The grant applicant has the option to decline the award if the grant award is not enough money to launch or expand the program.

Other Funding Sources: We want to see any and all funding sources you have for your program, whether monetary or in-kind.  We want a complete financial picture. Inform us as to how your community is going to support this program.

The following websites may have resources that provide information for grant applications.