Grantee Spotlight

“Connecting Youth Mentoring”

Connecting Youth (CY) in Chittenden South Supervisory Union (CSSU) has one of the largest school-based mentoring programs in Vermont, serving 147 5th–8th grade students in the towns of Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, Williston and St. George.  Our existing program has a long distinguished history of promoting high quality one-to-one relationships between middle school students and caring adult volunteers, is often referred to as a model program and is a tremendous asset to our community.  

“There is someone you can talk to about what is happening in your life and your feelings.”
“They are always happy to see you and you can always trust them.”
“They care about you and they also are there when you need them!”
“You get to talk about how things are going with you and they are all ears.”
“They are friends that understand you and support you.”
“It’s something I look forward to.  When I go with my mentor and go back to class I feel like it’s a new day and I can focus better.”

“Seeing positive changes.” 
“Getting a big smile when you arrive and hearing that the mentoring hour is the best hour of his week.”
“Gaining insight into my mentee’s life and what it is like to be in middle school.”
“Doing a variety of activities, laughing, and having fun.”
“Happiness in knowing that I made the life of someone else better!”