Grantees: Teens

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Addison Central Teens & Friends

Closing the After School Gap

Teens attending school in the Addison Central Supervisory District (ACSD) that do not participate in sports, have limited options for programming after school.  Addison Central Teens (ACT) seeks to work with the Middlebury Parks and Recreation Department (MPRD), the local High School and Middle School to offer teens, as well as their families affordable, healthy and educational programs when the school day ends.  Engaging youth in programming after school is essential to helping reduce the risk of youth experimenting with drugs and alcohol, incidences of truancy, graduation rates from high school, as well as improved cognitive and physical health.

Outright Vermont

Support for transgender and gender creative youth, children, and families

Outright Vermont’s monthly Gender Creative Kids group (ages 5-12), Trans Group (ages 13-22), and Trans Parent Group provide safe, confidential spaces for peer and therapeutic support for children and youth whose gender expression doesn’t fit rigid “male” or “female” expectations. Some identify as transgender, others are in a process of developing the gender identity that fits for them, which may be called “gender creative,” “queer,” “nonconforming,” or “fluid.” In groups, youth and families get questions answered, build a supportive community, and develop the resilience and emotional competence needed to mitigate the significant physical, social, and emotional health risks gender non-conforming children and youth experience.