Information for Current Grantees

Cultural and Linguistic Competency Training

​The Children’s and Families Council on Prevention Programs and VCTF are introducing a series of Cultural Competence discussion guides.  We believe these discussion guides will make it easier to incorporate Cultural Competence as a continuing conversation within your organization.  All VCTF programs are required to participate in Cultural Competence discussions with your staff.

  • 3 year programs should finish the five guides over 3 years
  • 1 year programs should begin with the first 3 guides, you may complete the remaining discussion guides if you receive future VCTF funding

A PDF of the complete discussion guides can be downloaded HERE.  PowerPoint presentations for each of the guides are available below.

Three specialists have trained to answer questions about your Cultural Competence discussions:

Matt Wolf
The Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health
Youth In Transition Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Carol Huntington
Former VCTF Board Member
[email protected]