International Children's Day

June 8 & 9, 2019

A partnership between Vermont businesses and The Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation to support Vermont kids


Children’s Day was established to honor and promote the welfare of the world’s children.  On December 14, 1954 a universal day dedicated to children was instituted by United Nation’s Resolution 836 (IX) as an observance of the understanding and brotherhood among all the children of the world.  Children’s day (celebrated on June 9 in the United States), is a day of the year to commemorate our most valuable resource, our children, and ensure that they are given the tools they need to not only survive but also to thrive in society.

At the Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation, “VCTF”, our goal is realizing the promise of every Vermont child.  We believe each child deserves the chance to realize his or her innate potential, to grow up in a nurturing environment with opportunities that feed the body, mind and soul; to have a meaningful connection to the community in which they live; and to be protected from harm. Taking care of our children now ensures a stronger future for Vermont.

This June we are seeking to partner with Vermont companies and businesses to support innovative direct service programs in the small rural towns and small city neighborhoods throughout Vermont.  Small amounts of funding have a meaningful and lasting impact, and your business can help fund the good work happening at the community level. 

How can your business help to support VCTF and Vermont kids this Children’s Day?

  • Consider asking your customers to donate $1, $5 or $10 at checkout.
  • Consider donating a portion of your sales to VCTF for a day, week or month leading up to Children’s Day.
  • Choose a timeframe, promotion and mechanism that works best for you.

How will VCTF help to promote your involvement with Children’s Day?

  • VCTF will promote your business and promotion on all of our social media (over 5,000 contacts).
  • Your company logo and link to your site will be on VCTF’s website throughout the promotional period.
  • We will email all of our contacts in advance of Children’s Day highlighting your involvement with the event and promotion.
  • VCTF plans to create a media sponsor partnerships to maximize promotion of participating businesses through broadcast, print and social media channels.  Earned media opportunities will feature businesses and highlight their philanthropic commitment to Vermont children.

To register as a Children's Day merchant, click HERE.

For a copy of our Children's Day Poster, click HERE.