Reflections on Equity

June, 2020

The Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation grieves with the nation over the persistent and unacceptable problems of racial injustice. Mistreatment of innocent people because of the color of their skin must come to an end.

We share in the fervent call for accountability and reform in police conduct, nationally and in this state.

We also consider that effort to be the first step of many that are necessary to fulfill America’s founding belief that all people are created equal.

As an organization long committed to the well-being of Vermont’s children, we pledge to continue our efforts to fund and empower community-based programs designed to strengthen the health, safety, education, connection, engagement, and opportunities of all Vermont children.

A generation from now, let us remember these painful and difficult days as a time that inspired us to do more, to do better, to make a bigger difference.

- VCTF Board of Directors and Staff