Story Tellers FAQ's


Does my story need to be related to Early Childhood?

Yes. Our theme for the day is LOVE and kindness, and all stories will be based on that theme and its connection to the early childhood community. 

If my story is selected, can I read it during the show?

Live storytelling means no notes. Our story coach will help you every step of the way!

What if I have a story that I want someone else to tell? 

The power of storytelling is about the audience hearing your story from YOU!  Please don’t submit a story if you are unable to join us live on June 5th. 

Can I come to the storytelling workshop if I don’t want to tell a story?

Not this time. The workshop is intended for the selected tellers. We hope to have a community workshop in the future that will be open to all members of the early childhood community.  

Will everyone who submits a story get to tell it on stage?

Unfortunately no. We will be selecting stories based on the following criteria and we will be limited in the number we can select. 

  • It is your story, it’s true, and it has a beginning, middle and end 
  • It is related to the theme of The Importance of Love in Early Childhood
  • We are interested in stories of first-person experiences, not the general good work of your organization
  • It fits within the 5- to 7-minute time limit we have established 


Stories should be submitted to Susanne Schmidt at [email protected] by MARCH 25th.  The story you intend to tell can be submitted in writing or as a digital recording. Your story does not have to be finished but we need to get a sense of the message you are hoping to convey. Here are a few tips for your submission:

  • Written stories should be no more than 1,000 words or 4 pages, doublespaced.
  • Recorded stories should be no longer than 8 minutes. These can be recorded on your phone and the mp3 sent via email.

If you have questions, feel free to email Susanne.