The Turrell Fund Day for Children

This annual event is hosted by the Turrell Fund in honor of Vermont organizations serving children.  Those participating include: service providers, private funders, Vermont Agency of Human Services, Education and Health professionals, legislators and children’s advocates from all corners of the state.  These individuals are dedicated to improving the lives of all Vermont children.  The Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation assists the Turrell Fund, which is based in New Jersey, by managing the planning and logistics of the event.

This June’s Turrell Fund Day for Children will be the 24th annual.  Each year, the Governor kicks off the day with a state of the children address.  Recently, this address has focused on the implementation of programs funded by the Race to the Top grant awarded to the State in 2013.  In addition to Race to the Top, the Governor’s team has put together an Early Childhood Action plan for building a statewide EC system, and private funders have joined forces to build and launch ‘Let’s Grow Kids’ - a public awareness campaign.   This is an important time for early childhood in Vermont. This year, we are pleased to present Dr. Junlei Li, Senior Fellow of the Fred Rogers Institute, Faculty of Harvard Graduate School of Education, as the keynote speaker.

The audience attending the event is comprised of individuals who, through choosing their vocation, have a conviction to realize the promise of every Vermont child.   While we are proud of Vermont’s consistently high ranking in the Annie E. Casey, Kids Count Data Book, we know that there is more we can accomplish.  This group of public servants and private philanthropists understand that they have been presented with a unique opportunity to make a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of our children.  They are committed to successful collaboration.  Invited speakers challenge those attending to examine their path, consider tough decisions and make any necessary adjustments.  Speakers motivate this audience to take action, dare to think long term, and improve well-being for all children from cradle to career.

Turrell Fund

Established in 1935, the Turrell Fund is a private Foundation committed to improving child well-being in Vermont and designated areas in New Jersey.  For the past ten years they have been a partner in the Vermont Community Preschool Collaborative, an initiative designed to build partnerships among private childcare providers and public schools that lead to public funding for preschool for all Vermont Children.  

With the success of VCPC, Turrell turned its attention and support to the Birth to Five Vermont Project, an initiative launched by The Permanent Fund to focus on improving the quality of early education by supporting providers throughout Vermont.  Turrell is also one of the funders of Vermont’s ‘Let’s Grow Kids’ Public Awareness campaign, designed to inform the public of the importance of quality early childhood education.  In addition to these strategic investments, Turrell continues to fund capacity building for VT organizations, as well as program support for direct service agencies in Vermont.  Their commitment to child well-being in Vermont is deep and strong.