Very Merry Theatre

The Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation is proud to support Very Merry Theatre.

Very Merry Theatre (VMT) provides young people aged 6-18 the opportunity to perform classical works of drama and literature in a traveling theater company and/or through after-school and residency programs. Dedicated to the concept that theatre arts advances children’s literacy as well as encourages collaboration across differences, VMT is committed to providing program access to all interested children, through responsive policies, an active scholarship program, and commitment to overcome logistical limitations.

From VMT: 

During the spring season, Very Merry Theatre teaching artists banded together and made a speedy transition to offering online programming. We believed that it was critically important to offer both low cost as well as free programming to keep young people engaged in creativity during the governor's stay at home order. We were so inspired by all of the amazing ways they expressed themselves via Zoom in our remote theatrical creations!  Here are a few highlights from two of our spring productions:

Pippi Longstocking - The imagination of the 10-year-old, give or take a year or two, was evident at every zoom rehearsal as 21 amazing 4th-6th graders learned how to create a movie from a musical script on a medium, zoom, that was by no means created for movie-making! The cast created their own sets at home, scavenged for costumes in their closets, found and created props, navigated a most unusual rehearsal and scene-making process, and delivered an hour plus of Pippi Longstocking that would have drawn a standing ovation if we weren’t all sitting in our homes in front of our own computer screens.

Monarchs - Fourteen K-3rd graders played four roles: monarch butterflies, grackles, and children from both the USA and Mexico. They donned wings that we dropped on their doorsteps and flew around their house and yard making a fun movie of this original VMT musical. Everyone learned their lines, songs and dances and brought a wonderful sense of fun to their twice-weekly rehearsals. One of the most adorable six weeks our director, Don, says he's ever spent with a group of kiddos of this age!

As the summer season is upon us Very Merry Theatre was pleased to be able to reopen and offer our in person summer camps. Our Executive Director Don Wright shared that our recent Charlotte's Web camp "was a week of physical distancing, mask-wearing, hand washing, sweating under a hot sun, joy, fun, story creating and storytelling, wonderful kids and staff making the best of it all with humor, understanding and belief that the show must go on! "