Volunteer Information

Thank you for considering volunteering at the Polar Express! Each December, we rely on the spirit of hundreds of volunteers to bring our magical journey alive for over 3,600 passengers who visit our ‘North Pole.’ Pick the volunteer position which best suits you. We have two shifts each day, or you may choose to work both shifts. The shift times are specified on the registration form. For more details, read on!

1. Be an elf:
We need hundreds of elves to welcome passengers as they pull into the station (North Pole).  Our horde of elves forms a receiving line OUTSIDE the station entrance, reaching from the first train car to the last train car and stretching as it narrows to the entrance of the station. We encourage you to hoot, holler, shout, clap, make noise and show wild enthusiasm when the train arrives! As the families and children walk by you, kneel down and whisper Merry Christmas and be sure to use the names of the smallest children (each child will be wearing a name tag).  
Sample script: “Merry Christmas Julia, you have been so very good!”   “Welcome to the North Pole, Will!” “Thanks for coming Sam, we hope you love the story”

2. Work behind the scenes:
We have several opportunities to volunteer behind the scenes. If you prefer a behind the scenes role, please register HERE. Shift times may differ. 

Volunteer registration is now open!

Individuals and small family and friend groups of up to 4 register to volunteer, HERE.  If more than one member of your group wishes to purchase tickets, they should register separately.

Organizations who wish to volunteer as a group should register, HERE.  If any members of your group need to purchase tickets they are required to register as an individual and should not be included in your group count.  Groups should have 5 or more members  

Volunteers, please help us reach our goal of $170,000!

This is our 17th anniversary of the Polar Express.  In honor of this milestone, we are hoping to raise $170,000 at this year’s event.  We hope you will help us achieve this goal by rallying support for our fundraising effort.  If every volunteer raised $25 we would add $17,500 to the proceeds of the event!  100% of the volunteer fund will go directly to programs for kids! 

We’ve created a Polar Express Elf Fundraising page for all volunteers and we’ve provided the email content and links for you to register and request donations from your family and friends to benefit VCTF.  Sign up and start your individual fundraising page HERE

If you are a member of an Elf GROUP, please contact Theo Clark about setting up your Elf Fundraising page.

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride photos courtesy of Stephen Mease Photography.

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