Polar Express™ Donor/Sponsor Tickets

Donor/Sponsor Ticket Access

VCTF donors are guaranteed tickets to ride the Polar Express. Anyone who donated a minimum of $100.00 to VCTF between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 may purchase up to 5 tickets for the 2017 Polar Express. If you donated a minimum of $100.00 on Line 29A of your Vermont State Tax Return, please email us for ordering instructions before September 1, 2017.  

Family Bell Ringer Sponsors

By sponsoring our event as a FAMILY BELL RINGER you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets and have your family name printed in our songbook. Levels of sponsorship range from $150 to $1,000. Many people list their children or grandchildren in the songbook. The level of sponsorship determines the number of tickets you may purchase. At the $150 level, you are eligible to purchase up to 5 tickets at $30 each.  For a Family Bell Ringer sponsorship form, click here.

Corporate Bell Ringer Sponsors

Your business can sponsor as a CORPORATE BELL RINGER with a donation of $500 to $2,000. We will publish your business name in the event songbook as a supporter of the event and of VCTF. You will also have the opportunity to purchase from 10 to 40 tickets for your employees, depending on your level of support.  For a Corporate Bell Ringer Sponsorship form, click here.

Other options for corporate sponsorship for The Polar Express™ are:  Shining Star at $10,000; Gold at $5,000; and Silver at the $2,500.  Shining Star, Gold and Silver sponsors are the engine that power our event. Please call Linda Allen or Fagan Hart at 802-951-8604 for more information.

Polar Express photos courtesy of Stephen Mease Photography.