Grantees: Mentoring

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Vermont

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Vermont

Big Brothers Big Sisters Vermont (BBBSVT) is a non-profit mentorship program with the mission and vision of igniting the potential in all youth through the scope of mentorship.  BBBSVT is a voluntary program and matches youth in the community with trusted, safe adults who are dedicated to providing quality one to one time towards developing an impactful relationship with youth. BBBSVT has coined the phrase “trusted adult friend” to describe the bigs (mentors) in the program which speaks to the fact that the big is someone who can be relied upon and maintain a safe space for youth to explore and grow while honoring the little’s (mentee) developing authentic self.

Connecting Youth - Chittenden South Supervisory Union

Connecting Youth Mentoring

Connecting Youth (CY) has a long history of providing high quality mentoring in one of the largest school districts in the state. Serving 180 students grades 5-12 in Champlain Valley SD (CVSD), our outcomes exceed expectations annually and our staff are frequently sought to provide technical assistance & professional development for other programs. In 2017 we launched a community based high school program that alleviated pressure on other local community based programs and more importantly allowed us to apply our expertise in a new way to better meet students' needs.  As we enter the 2020 school year we are prepared to increase the FTE committed to the high school from 0.5 - 1.0, effectively doubling the size as envisioned in our original 5yr roll-out plan.

DREAM Program, Inc.

DREAM Expansion to the Northeast Kingdom

DREAM is seeking support to reach some of the most underserved children in Vermont, those living in the Northeast Kingdom (NEK). We are currently engaged in a feasibility study, exploring a variation to our model that will train high school students to mentor younger youth living in low-income housing. Our model will maintain the high-quality DREAM mentor experience while also expanding our mentor pool to reach children in the NEK, an area that has proven difficult to reach, with little easy access to college student mentors. We are seeking support to carry our study forward into implementation, including developing a service-learning curriculum for high school students and piloting the new model at a high school in the NEK.

Milton Community Youth Coalition

Milton Peer to Peer Mentoring Program

Data shows that Milton youth need greater community support. Milton Town School District (MTSD) reports describe bullying around issues of racial and gender identity. MCYC is working to improve this problem. The peer-to-peer mentoring program will expand youth mentoring opportunities in the community and build relationships that improve youth resilience, social connection and enhance social and emotional competence. MTSD educators have been informally pairing elementary age students with Juniors and Seniors over the past few years. This program is a formalized, evidence-based program in which high school students are matched with elementary students in mentoring relationships that meet weekly during the school year.

Safer Society Foundation

New Circle Mentoring

New Circle provides one-on-one mentoring services to Vermont children from primary school through high school who have one or more parent/s who are incarcerated or who have a history of incarceration.  Mentors are carefully recruited, trained, and matched with mentees, and each match is supervised by a Clinical Director, a retired school counselor with decades of experience.  This is a long-term program, with a three-to-five-year minimum commitment by both mentors and mentees.  New Circle's goal is to support these children academically, psychologically, and emotionally so they can be successful in school and graduate from high school ready to pursue higher education or career training.

The Mentor Connector

The Mentor Connector’s aim is to create a community where all youth and their families are empowered to succeed. As Rutland County’s youth and family mentoring organization, we serve over 200 youth and families each year, with one-on-one mentoring, family mentoring, and community prevention programming.
The Mentor Connector is implementing the Positive Action curriculum for 25 vulnerable youth while utilizing one-on-one mentoring to reinforce the learned social- emotional skills throughout the subsequent months.

Windsor County Partners

Windsor County Mentors

For nearly 50 years Windsor County Mentors has provided mentoring relationships for Windsor County children and youth. Through our school-based and community-based one- on-one mentoring programs, WCM matches a caring adult with an at-risk youth. At the very heart of mentoring is the assurance that a young person will have someone who cares about them. Someone they can rely on to help them deal with day-to-day challenges and who makes them feel like they matter. Research on the impact of mentoring confirms that quality mentoring relationships fundamentally change the direction of a young person's life for the better. We are planning to double the number of mentoring pairs under our program.