Grantees: Parenting

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Lund's Children's Services

 Lund's Children’s Services program provides parenting education and assistance to caregivers and children under age 6 in their homes or at Lund . The target population is low and very low income families in Chittenden County. This grant would support expansion of our services to families who are particularly vulnerable due to substance use disorder. Families transitioning from treatment are often particularly at risk and this program would target services to those families. The  goals of the program are to reduce child abuse and neglect, promote knowledge of healthy child development, and ensure that parents are connected to community resources, social supports and organizations that will ensure healthy, safe family functioning.

Prevent Child Abuse Vermont

Nurturing Parenting for Foster and Adoptive Families

This program plans to address issues that many foster and adoptive parents face raising young children, strengthen families, reduce the rate of return of children into foster care, and reduce movement of children within the foster care system. Vermont is in dire need of more foster and adoptive parents as DCF has taken more children into custody in recent years, particularly children under 6, because of the opiate addiction problems we are facing. These parents have a wide variety of challenges and need support. We propose to offer 3 Circle of Parent Support Groups and 2 Nurturing Parenting Programs for Foster and Adoptive Families. These programs will strengthen parenting skills and reduce foster home and adoptive failures.

Prevent Child Abuse Vermont

Reading to Infants for a Healthy Start

"Reading to Infants for a Healthy Start," is a program created to support parents in caring for babies from birth forward. The two high quality board books, "Sleep Baby: Safe and Snug" and "Calm Baby Gently," will be distributed to all new parents. The first book, "Sleep Baby: Safe and Snug" will be distributed at Birthing Units and from midwives to promote safe sleep practices through pictures and words, decreasing the likelihood of parents rolling over on babies during sleep. Secondly, "Calm Baby Gently" will be distributed at the time of the two week check up at Pediatric offices, Family Practices and Wellness Centers. This book is written not only to be read to infants but also to help parents learn how to safely calm baby.

Steps to End Domestic Violence, Inc.

Kids' Club and Moms' Empowerment Program

 We are implementing 2 proven models, Moms' Empowerment program & Kids' Club. Group-facilitated at the same time, once a week for 10 weeks, 4 times a year, both programs provide support to mothers & their children who have been recently affected by domestic violence by empowering them to discuss the impact of intimate partner violence on their child(ren)'s development; build parenting competence, provide a safe place to discuss parenting fears & worries; & build connections for the mother in the context of a supportive group while simultaneously enhancing their child's sense of safety by creating a common vocabulary of emotions for making sense of violence, managing emotions, family relationship paradigms, & conflict & its resolution.

Sunrise Family Resource Center, Inc.

Dads Create, Part II

We seek to build upon our experience and knowledge received via the current Dads Create group and put it into practice and expand upon it.  We know that the more fathers who know how to play with their children in age appropriate ways and focus on the joy of being a parent, the better for our entire community. These sessions will increase fathers’ awareness of controlling, abusive, and neglectful attitudes and behaviors and understand how different fathering strategies and choices affect children. Dads Create's attendance continues to grow and we do not want to lose our momentum.