Grantees: After-School/Out of School

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Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro

Children’s Farm & Forest After Care Program

The Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro is expanding our Children’s Farm & Forest After Care Program in partnership with Brattleboro’s Retreat Farm. This program brings groups of young people to the Retreat Farm where they learn about flora, fauna, and ecosystems through structured activities. Participants enjoy a schedule of seasonally-appropriate learning guided by outdoor educators and child development specialists. Our planned expansion includes the following new program components:
1) Opportunities for High School students to join the staff team and receive both stipends and work experience
2) A more robust shuttle service making the program accessible to students at area schools
3) More skills-based workshops with guest educators

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Vergennes

Roots & Wings

Roots & Wings aims to be the staple program of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Vergennes. The primary pillars of the Roots & Wings program are community outreach, character development and good citizenship. Elementary students will work towards becoming Peer Leaders, middle school students towards Club Leaders, and high school students towards Community Leaders. As a member progresses through each stage, new opportunities become available and additional requirements are added. Pillars will offer increased opportunities for recognition, achievement, and community visibility that will foster stronger, more engaged citizens. We will build strong Roots here in the community so that youth will develop the Wings needed to support great futures.

Cabot Public Library

Base Camp!

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has kept Cabot's youth out of the library, they will return in the coming year.  With a disproportionate numbers of trauma-impacted youth, the Library is a key partner in engaging youth in program activities to help them recover from isolation and re-engage with their community and extra-curricular connections.  The Cabot Public Library will serve as a Base Camp of sorts—a place for after school crafts, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities, game clubs, book discussions and outdoor adventures, from which middle school children and teens can gain skills before their challenging climb to adulthood.  VCTF resources will help to stabilize and grow accessible and equitable Library programing.

Encore After School and Summer Program

North Country Supervisory Union Encore After School and Summer Program

The NCSU Encore After School and Summer Program at Newport City Elementary School provides a snack, recess, help with homework and one hour activity meant to spark interest in youth from 3:00-5:00 daily. For a number of reasons, issues with student behavior have accelerated over the past several years, and it is clear that a supportive, restorative, and preemptive approach must be organized to keep children in the program feeling safe and engaged. A student support and social emotional learning position is being developed. This person will receive important training, like restorative practices, share their learning and model for other Encore staff, and create a safe, pre-emptive space for students to decompress and connect.

Future Genius Inc

Eco Genius Environmental Studies Program for Ages 10-14

Future Genius, Inc. provides high-quality, affordable summer enrichment programs that explore 21st century sustainability education and stewardship. Through exploration of the U.N. Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Future Genius activates middle school youth, regardless of family income or background, to become agents of change—future leaders and problem-solvers—energized to transform the planet. Our innovative STEM programs are designed to boost academic achievement, foster social and emotional well-being, and create civic responsibility for a sustainable future. With a focus on personal development, Future Genius builds confidence and initiates exciting ideas for making a difference.

Highgate Library and Community Center

Teen Time

The Highgate Library and Community Center is building a program dedicated to teens, ranging from age 12 through 19. This program, called "Teen Time" will take place once a week and provide the teens within our community a fun, educational after school program either in-person or virtually. "Teen Time" will focus on a different theme from week to week with a focus on STEAM, gaming, and craft projects. This program will provide teens an outlet for their creativity and will bring them together to form a greater sense of community and peer connection. It will give teens a fun social club after school that is focused on their educational, social, and emotional advancement.

Lamoille Family Center

Live Your Why - Passport Edition

Live Your Why: Passport Edition is a dynamic series of programs to help middle-school students and their parent/caregivers to connect with the community and build resilience and social connections. 

Healthy Lamoille Valley, a program of the Lamoille Family Center, works with a coalition of community partners to provide education and prevention efforts against teen substance misuse. Kids feeling welcome and valued by their community is a factor that helps reduce these problems. Data shows that middle schoolers in the Lamoille Valley don’t feel valued or connected in their community, and these programs will help improve their feeling of connection. 

Mary Johnson Children's Center

Mary Johnson Children's Center

MJCC School Age -- Stronger Families would amplify the efforts of our six licensed programs across Addison County to strengthen and support families and children that we serve. It will explore and deepen parental resilience, expand opportunities for social connections among children, parents and communities, offer education and instruction for program staff and parents together in the social, emotional and cognitive benchmarks and developments for children ages six to twelve. Over the course of three years, the promotive factors identified by the state of Vermont as integral in the stability of hundreds of families will be examined, addressed and improved for 85% of participants, by their own report; sustainable results will be documented.

Milton After School Kids (MASK)

Sparks of STEAM Building Skills for the Future

Sparks of STEAM Building Skills for the Future will give your child an educational experience that is not only inline with their interests, but also will help to further their social emotional and life skills. With the experiences they gain, they increase their confidence in their abilities, strengthen their problem-solving skills, collaboration skills, logical thinking, as well as deepen their innate curiosity, while inspiring their artistic ability.  Sparks of STEAM Building Skills for the Future introduces students to scientific and engineering practices, cross-cutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas as outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as creative arts, technology, and mathematics.


The MINT Family and Kids Makerspace

The MINT is a makerspace for anyone who likes to make things.  Our makerspace is open to kids of all ages, but kids and families have special tool and space needs that our adult-sized space is not set up to serve.  The new MINT Kids and Family Makerspace will provide access to a special set of tools and equipment designed to be easy to learn and use by families.  Programming will allow multi-generational family groups to spend time together making things.  Kids will learn how to solve problems and gain the satisfaction that comes from making something useful with their own hands. 

One Planet Program

One Planet Program

Over the past three years, we have developed a robust STEM program in our eight programs.  As a next step, we hope to develop and implement a dynamic robotics program.  Robotics provide rich grounds for the development of valuable transferable skills, like problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and 21st century skills.  By its nature, the study of robotics inherently incorporates all four pillars of STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, making it a truly dynamic and multi-disciplined learning opportunity. Robotics also allows scaffolding in learning--through a variety of techniques, students can move progressively toward deeper understanding and, ultimately, greater independence in the learning process.

Outright Vermont

Priority Area Strategy: Rutland

Outright Vermont has always been a statewide organization, though not all regions need the same level of acute attention. In an effort to concentrate on those areas most in need of support and transformation, Outright is excited to engage a new and robust strategy: targeted regional prevention and intervention. By identifying areas of priority, and coordinating multi-faceted outreach and engagement, our hope is to build a supportive base of partners, adults, and youth leaders who can lead the charge in their own communities. This strategic approach will allow us to maximize impact in the areas where it is most needed. We are excited to pilot these efforts in Rutland County.

Paran Recreations

 Camperships for Low Income Youth

Paran Recreations is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of rural children from low income families. We are developing year-round outdoor and environmental education programs for our surrounding community focusing on youth populations. Despite the fact that we live in the midst of natural beauty, many low income youth and adults in our community are becoming more and more disconnected from nature. The purpose of our project is to engage youth and adults in their immediate natural world and to inspire learning and stewardship. To better serve the community, we will offer scholarships to families in need to ensure our camps are accessible for all. 

Richford Health Center Inc.

Swanton Notch Daycamp

Notch has successfully run summer daycamps for over 25 years currently offering a six week program attended by nearly 200 children in Richford and a newly added two week camp in Swanton this program has steadily grown and expanded to meet the needs of Swanton and the surrounding communities.  Our goal is provide free high qualify, enriching activities to our rural impoverished service areas as well as providing access to free nutritious breakfast and lunch daily.  Expansion of our existing programming from two weeks to four weeks in addition to our successful partnership with Swanton Recreation and area 21C funded programs would help bridge the summer food insecurity gap, address summer learning loss, and build community connections.

Sara Holbrook Community Center

Youth Adventure Program

Founded in 1937 in Burlington, Sara Holbrook Community Center was created to support the needs of local children, youth, and families. We recognize the need for more high-quality, affordable youth experiences among the students and families we serve, so we are growing our Teen Center’s Youth Adventure Program (YAP) program by 240% in program days and 226% in youth served by expanding this formerly 6-week summer program to be a year-round offering for youth 6th-12th grade. High-quality out-of-school programs enable family members to be employed, create a safe space for young people, allow academic support, limit high-risk behaviors and promote positive social-emotional and physical health all of which are essential for those we serve. 

Southwestern Vermont Medical Center

Full STEAM Ahead Bennington

Full STEAM Ahead Bennington will deliver 3 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activity kits to youth (4th-5th grade). Area youth struggle with academic achievement compared to Vermont peers. The STEAM kits will encourage learning beyond school with activities designed for best-practice science and art experiences. Students will learn something, build something, and create art. Participants will gain transferable skills via engaging learning experiences. Materials will be developed in collaboration with local businesses and community organizations. The kits will be complemented by live/video programming led by diverse local professionals who will coach the youth through the activities and serve as career inspiration.