Family Giving

Looking for a way to engage the whole family in philanthropy? 

Family Giving at VCTF provides such an opportunity.

This program is designed to help parents involve their children in family philanthropic endeavors.  Children will participate in setting family giving goals, help to evaluate VCTF grants that meet those goals, and ultimately choose the organization that will receive their family gift.  Family Giving helps to connect children with their communities and teaches them the value of giving back. 

Here’s what one family has to say about VCTF Family Giving:

“We want to make giving a family affair, sparking in our kids the desire to contribute to society as thoughtful, innovative philanthropists,” explained Michele.  “With its broad spectrum of programs, VCTF provides a strategy to accomplish this.   We were able to pick an area that interested us as a group – in our case, it was mentoring – and then review grant applications in that category.   Our family was blown away by the DREAM program, and chose to support it for three years.” 

For more information about Family Giving, contact Amanda Ahmadi.