The Vermont Children’s Trust Fund Tax Check-off Line 23B

The Vermont Children’s Trust Fund (VCT Fund) Tax Check-off, this year in Section 6, Line 23B, on the Vermont State Tax Return, makes it easy for Vermonters to make a donation that will support children’s programs.  These programs provide opportunities such as preschool, afterschool, literacy, arts, music, theater, mentoring – programs that help children achieve their potential.

Taxpayers may elect to donate any dollar amount on Line 23B when filing Vermont State taxes.  The Tax Check-off raises over $60,000 annually in donations from generous Vermonters and 100% of these donations go directly to children’s programs. 

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There are approximately 350,000 taxpayers in Vermont.  Imagine if every one of you donated on Line 23B.  Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Vermont children.